Quantum and Solid State Theory Group 
Saarland University

Group Research Goals

We are performing research at the intersection of solid state physics and quantum information. Specifically, we are interested in the physics of nanoscale devices with quantum functionality. Our research is theoretical but is carried out in close collaboration with experimental researchers around the world. 

Current projects:
  • Superconducting quantum bits
  • Quantum bits based on semiconductor nanostructures
  • Optimal quantum gates in imperfect qubits
  • The physics of the measurement process with nonlinear detectors
  • Quantum phenomena in nonlinear systems, e.g. dynamical tunneling
  • Scalable architectures for quantum computers with realistic error thresholds
  • Circuit quantum electrodynamics
  • Decoherence from structured environments

Here are some recent popular introductions to our work


August 2015: We are on the title page of the current International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 

July 2015: The QUAINT roadmap for optimal control is online

June 2014: Welcome Zoe Ashwood as a DAAD-RISE Intern

October 2013: Press release on left-handed circuit QED

August 2013: Welcome, Britton Plourde, as a visiting professor

May 2013: Congratulations, Luke Govia, for winning the best poster award at a recent WEH workshop

April 15, 2013: Welcome Bruno Taketani as a postdoc

Feb 1st, 2013: EU-Project SCALEQIT starts

Jan 1st, 2013: Welcome Per Liebermann as a PhD student

Dec 18, 2012: Congratulations Wenling Qiao for defending your MSc research, congratulations Farzad Qassemi for defending your PhD, congratulations Yuval Sanders for passing your qualifying exam.